Introducing The Atomic Shield Popper from Hog Wild Toys, this Ultimate Attack & Defend Foam Ball Blaster has a Gravity-fed auto load and includes six soft foam balls! It fires over 40 feet through the shield—that’s right, through the shield! Pull the foam hammer back, take aim and let go! Clear shield protects you from in-coming fire! (Ages 4+, $19.99)

My son Dylan has discovered rockets and foam shooters. He got a foam shooter for his birthday and thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. Well, until the Atomic Shield Popper came into his world!


The nice thing about the Atomic Shield Popper is that it’s EASY to use. Kind of like a slingshot – pull the thick elastic band and POP! The foam ball shoots out to the target! As long at it’s not his sister or the cat I a am happy. He loves taking it outside and picking a target to shoot (usually it’s a tree or the chimney).


With the shield he is also protected from stray foam “bullets” for when he and his sister do play battle. And if he happens to get her? Well, the balls are foam, so they don’t hurt!


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