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Quite proud of myself….

Life She Has

Today I changed the bulbs in my car’s headlamps… I know it’s a small feat, but I betcha I did it faster than Josh would have done…

Next week I get to change my flasher relay for my turn signals… I have been driving without turn signals for, um, a little while now… I didn’t realize it was just a part you need to replace in your dash, I thought it was a major $500 deal… so far it has cost me $34.95, but we shall see…Maybe I will even change my own oil*…

*then again, maybe not….

Life She Has


  1. That’s great Carol! When my Pop was teaching me to drive he also taught me how to change a tire, the oil, flush the radiator, keep the battery and cables in good condition, jumpstart my vehicle, and replace all the fuses and bulbs in my vehicle. Believe me when I say taking the car in for an oil change is so worth the $$$. lol Oh, and he taught me to drive in a very hilly and windy one lane cemetary. He would say that if I killed us they wouldn’t have far to go to bury us. lmao!

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