Today was a great day 🙂 I was able to spend time with good friends I have known for years, great family, and good times! I will be uploading pics in the next day or so, so keep your eyes peeled for that….

The shower theme was really cool – Alice in Wonderland! With emphasis on the Mad Hatter Tea Party. So unique and way too fun!

The games were fun and some taken directly from the Lewis Carroll book. Such as swaddling a toy pig (the dutchess’ baby was a pig!), Pick a card and whoever had the Queen of Hearts was the winner, and painting roses, which of course refers to The Red Queen’s garden 🙂 The decor was red roses everywhere in teapots (which were prizes too), and red hearts. My dear friend Robin made an absolutely beautiful cake (well, she made two, but I will explain in my next post!) and little petit fours on the tables that were piped the words “eat me” …

It was a great time, I haven’t felt so much love and excitement in one room!

More details later!