So I am visiting my SIL and looking for a new home in King County, WA. Late last night the kiddos ran out of formula while we were here. I didn’t know this so imagine my surprise when I got up at 7:00 am to make a couple of bottles and open an empty can. Whoops. Dylan was still asleep but Riley was wailing. I gave her to Josh and off I went to the grocery store.

The closest store here had no Similac on the shelf except for Alimentum, so I went with Enfamil (which I never use) and grabbed the first one on the shelf to feed my babies. I didn’t realize it was soy for upset tummies, but I didn’t think much of it because they have both had soy formula with no problems.

There was a problem.

I got home and Riley was blissfully sleeping in Josh’s arms (it was so sweet). Dylan was cooing in the pack-n-play so I made him a bottle, fed him, then fed Riley.

An hour or so after he finished his bottle he woke up an promptly vomited it all over my blankets and me. Nice. I had never seen either baby throw up as much as he did. I stripped him and got him into his tub and he seemed just fine. Riley and I raced to another store and found Similac for him.

We got back from the store and Riley began throwing up. She threw up twice. I bathed her and got her into some jammies and she fell asleep on me.

Dyan seemed just fine. he ate Similac and was happy.

Riley woke up and ate 1/2 ounce and threw that up. I called Enfamil to tell them that their formula made my kids sick and while i was on the phone Riley got really sick all over her and me. So I got off the phone with Enfamil called her Dr and waited for a call back.

She was looking pale and acting very lethargic, didn’t want to eat at all so I took her to the local Urgent Care. By the time we finally saw a Dr (about an hour), she was acting and feeling better. She was checked for infection and we went home.

Poor little thing…

Enfamil assured me that they have high qc standards, but I am sending in my can of formula anyway. I have never seen my babies as sick as they were today, especially Riley ūüôĀ