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Pre-Op visit today

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I had a Pre-Op meeting with my doctor today. I am feeling SO much better about this all. He said that my surgery should be complication-free due to where the fibroid is. He also has an excellent track record – 11 years performing this type of surgery and has never had to give a transfusion or had any other major complications. The main thing I would need to worry about is infection and the other after-surgery crap. But I do feel very confident in this now. I am hoping this is IT.

This stupid fibroid has been pumping estrogen into my system, and after it’s out I may actually ovulate on my own, feel better, and lose some weight!*

* a sore subject with me – I have worked out like mad, ate like a rabbit, and even thought thinner with nary a pound lost or an inch melted. I used to be skinny, and I am not fat, but I would love to see some sort of result from my hard work…

Life She Has

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