So I just got back from BlogHer ’14 in San Jose. I met with some great reps and some cool bloggers who I know I will be seeing in the future. It was fun, but had its kinks, I’m not gonna lie. That’s a whole ‘nother post altogether.

One common question I got from pr reps was “In what ways can we work with you?”.

So you public relations reps that are reading this – and I know you are out there from the oodles of campaigns that hit my inbox on a daily basis. You are finding me and reading this, I want to tell you – in my opinion as a seasoned blogger/campaign chick what YOU could do to make our lives easier and therefore make your lives easier.

1. Be Personal. Unless I know full well I am on a campaign list or part of a group project, please make sure the email you send doesn’t scream “form letter”. You’d be amazed at what some emails have addressed me as.

2. Have a Plan. By that I mean have a definite idea of what you need from me and what you are offering in return. Do you need social media links? Awesome. You want a 300+ word post? Or more visual with big imagery? I can do that.

3. Have a Deadline. Really – if you expect the post within 2 weeks we need to know. Honestly – and I may shoot myself in the foot with this – I have at least 5-10 reviews a week plus sponsored posts, social media campaigns, etc. I’m a busy woman. The deadlined items take precedence over the open-ended ones. If I fall behind I am getting those with a due date done first. With that said…

4. Be  Realistic. In my media kit I do say that reviews can take up to 4 weeks (or more!). I literally get dozens of boxes a week. I do not have time to dig into them the second I get them. Plus, if it’s a children’s review I want to make sure my kids are “camera ready” (meaning no PB&J on those chubby cheeks and at least a cleanish shirt). Capturing their excited expressions the second they open their new toy enhances the visual experience. My kids are rarely camera ready, so I need to make sure they are. So getting it all done takes time. Give that to us.

5. Be Constructive. I crave that feedback on my post. I want to know what you love and what you think I should change. I want to stand out, and you as a rep who reads hundreds of blogs sees what works and what doesn’t for your campaigns. I as a blogger want to grow and can never do that without your help.

Of course the list goes on, but these are some basic answers! Now to turn the tables – what do you as a blogger outreach manager need from us to make your job easier? Comment below let’s work together on it!