My son has hit the age of building blocks and using his imagination with connecting bricks. He loves building – he constantly asks me for brick sets and has a ton of them! He also loves Power Rangers, so when I was sent the Power Rangers Mega Bloks he was, well, let’s just say he was pretty thrilled with it…

He received the Ultimate Legendary Megazord along with the Red Ranger Air Glider, both available at Toys R Us.

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Dylan couldn’t wait to get Ultimate Legendary Megazord put together to play. It came with clear instructions that didn’t need any reading, just follow the pictures. Of course, a 4 year old would need help with this part!



Separating the colors is important when you do ANY brick project!

Ultimate Legendary Megazord was pretty easy to put together. It includes 171 pieces, which sounds like a lot but really isn’t! In no time he was ready to be played with!

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Dylan is having so much fun with it!

Combine the ultimate power of the Super Megaforce zords to destroy the Armada’s most powerful generals and build the Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce Ultimate Legendary Megazord. The Ultimate Legendary Megazord is a completely buildable Megazord that is based on the final form combination of the Legendary Megazord and the Q-Rex Megazord. Feel the power of Super Megaforce team as you pilot the Ultimate Legendary Megazord and unleash the power of the Super Megaforce Power Rangers onto the invading Armada!

You can find Ultimate Legendary Megazord, Red Ranger Air Glider, and other Power Rangers Mega Bloks products at Toys R Us, Walmart, and Target! Be sure to watch Power Rangers on Nickelodeon!