As you may have seen – there is a freebie going around for a FREE Kong toy from the site Play Street. I decided to do some quick research on this – as it’s too good to be true – and here are my findings:

  • The company’s contact page is non-functioning. There is only a mailing address but NO email, phone number, or form to contact them.
  • There is an address – which is an office that leases virtual space. This means that anyone can say they have a company there but really no *real* office.
  • I found a phone number from whois.com – (888) 831-3538. I called and got only a recording. The recording does say “Play Street” but no option to talk to anyone.
  • Whois domain information shows the site was updated 12/15/2012 and has had 26 registrar changes over 7 years (that means it’s been bought and sold an average of almost 4 times a year! The actual site was built this year (2013).
  • If you try to order, they only accept Paypal. most reputable companies will also accept credit cards as it’s VERY easy to do so.
  • Shipping is very expensive – I went through the order process for a $2.99 small cat toy and shipping said $10.63. I am thinking that shipping is high to deter orders (it doesn’t cost almost $11 to send a small toy!)

Although most of the conventional red flags aren’t there – the site is overall “functioning” and there is registrar information, there are some concerning issues around it. My gut feeling? You probably will not get this freebie. If you did order it let me know if you get it!