Brilliant Sky Toys & Books announced the 2014 Brilliance Award Winners – one of these ingenious and interactive toys is the Plus Plus Building Set. See the rest of the winners HERE!


I am all for toys that challenge my children. Mini Plus Plus sets are SUPER cool and do just that – they can use the little blocks to creat just about anything!


Set a pile of Mini Plus Plus out and watch. People pick them up, rub them between their fingers (it’s that unique rubbery feel), and then start sliding pieces into place. Mini Plus Plus glide, one shape right into another. The pieces meld together and neatly interlock. Connect just a few and no matter how old you are, for awhile you’ll forget about everything else except creating.

The same simple shape of every piece is amazingly versatile. Lay Mini Plus Plus on the table to make 2 dimensional patterns and pictures. Scale them upward for intricate structures. 600 brilliant pieces give breathing room for creating real works of art. Whatever you imagine, you can build with Mini Plus Plus, and whoever is watching – will join you.
600 Piece Mini Plus Plus

  • Minimalist plastic construction toys with maximum design potential
  • Easy-glide interlocking function
  • Special rubbery exterior texture exterior
  • Colorful creations hold together well for display
  • Each mini Plus Plus piece measures approximately .75 x .5 inches
  • 600 Mini Plus Plus pieces for endless construction
  • High quality plastic construction
  • Precision crafted in Denmark
  • Fun for a wide ranges of ages (recommended for ages 3 and up)

In this day and age of video games and electronics, it’s nice to see a toy that makes you use your creativity and building cool things while building your child’s imagination up.

photo 2 (10)

The pieces are easy to use for little hands. The set also comes with instructions on making some cool things – we tackled making a truck…

photo 3 (7) photo 3 (6)

… but it was just as much fun to make a “pond” – complete with jumping green frogs!

photo 2 (9) photo 5 (2)

I love seeing my son’s imagination at work with toys like Plus Plus. It’s one of those toys that he has kept coming back to, leaving the video games in the dust. That makes for one happy mommy!

You can find Plus Plus at Brilliant Sky Toys & Books. For locations CLICK HERE!