If you have ever had a clogged toilet (and really, who hasn’t?), you’ll know that it’s not exactly a treat. It’s gross. I hate it. we all hate it. Yet it’s a fact of home life we all need to deal with.


Thankfully there’s a way to deal with it less.

Earlier in the year I took a little trip to the lovely city of Cincinnati, home of Procter & Gamble headquarters. I was privy to some inside looks at how the company operates the paper product side (no trees cut down to make it all!), the history of the company (brothers marrying sisters, not their own of course), and the dedication they have to making use YOUR toilets don’t get clogged. Research using actual sewage. I know. It smelled… um… interesting. But it was a necessary sacrifice in order to make sure Charmin was totally safe for all septic configurations.

Procter & Gamble has a facility outside of the Cinci city limits where they test how fast and how much Charmin toilet paper breaks down in water. Charmin will stay together long enough to protect your hands and do its job, then once it hits the water the tissue starts to break down until it’s nothing more than a fiber or two. This is HUGE – especially for us homeowners! Why? Because it means less septic problems for you – so much less that Charmin is officially Roto-Rooter approved. That’s right – you can officially flush with confidence knowing that more plumbers use Charmin in their own homes than any other brand out there.


Every Charmin product is totally flushable – yes that means Charmin Freshmates too! Charmin and Procter & Gamble stand by the Clog Safe guarantee and will refund your Charmin price if you happen to get a clog from using it.

I have used Charmin long before I became a brand ambassador for them. In fact the only real reason I wanted to partner with Charmin was because of the excellent track record. Because I am a believer in Roto-Rooter AND Charmin, I love that they have joined forces with the clog-free guarantee. Just one more reason to use Charmin…


And while I hope you never have to see Roto-Rooter coming to your house, you’ll be seeing them less with Charmin!

*As a brand ambassador I am compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own.