PlanetBox Shuttle Kit

Being it’s summertime I am always taking the kiddos out to places like the zoo, the park, or the museum. We love getting out and about but I loathe paying a load of cash for things like chicken nuggets. Although fast food is not unheard of while we are out, I try to avoid it when I can. I also don’t like a lot of waste – it seems like my trash can is filled to the brim immediately after it’s picked up! Crazy the amount of garbage a family of 4 can accumulate!

PlanetBox is a very welcome company with a welcome product – The Shuttle Lunch Box Kit – that pretty much solved the issues I was having.


PlanetBox Shuttle

PlanetBox Shuttle is perfect for packing small meals and snacks on the go. Whether you’re in the car, on the soccer field, or at work, the PlanetBox Shuttle is designed for packing healthy foods wherever life takes you. The Shuttle also works great at school – for both younger kids with shorter school days, or as a separate snack packed in addition to a Rover or Launch lunch. The Shuttle Complete set includes a Shuttle lunchbox, a Tall Dipper for dips and sauces, a super fun magnet set of your choice, and a compact Shuttle Carry Bag with 4 cool designs to choose from.



I love the stainless steel design – I can fit a lot in there and the fabrication will keep things nice and cool in there. The added bonus of the Tall Dipper means that I don’t have to hunt for ketchup packets or let me salad get soggy!

Of course, this is quickly going to get taken by my kids, which is ok – because every day they aren’t getting fried food from a drive-thru is a win in my book. Plus they are getting things they want – there’s no way my daughter will allow a big slice of cantaloupe to go to waste 🙂


PlanetBox has recently launched a fantastic app! Here you can share your creative lunch ideas and get some more ideas on fun ways to serve delicious food!

You can find more PlanetBox products at their website – you can even order straight from them! Be sure to follow PlanetBox on their social media platforms for news, updates, and specials!


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