Ready for a ton of winter fun? The Ski Lodge is where Pinypon Friends vacation in the winter. They ice skate, ski, ride a snow mobile, build a snowman and get warm in the Lodge. So many accessories and fun details from the ski lift to the ski slope. Fun for all! Includes Pinypon Friends dressed in winter gear.

Pinypon Ski LodgePinypon Snow Ski Lodge Set Includes:

  • 3 Pinypon Figures
  • Adorable snow gear!
  • Lots of activities: Ski, Skate, Snow mobile, Sled, Snowboard
  • Includes skating rink (simply add water and freeze)
  • Ski Slope and Lodge

Snow Car and Tow Set Includes:

  • 1 Pinypon Figure + 1 Pet
  • Cool car for traveling fun!
  • Includes snowboard, skies, luggage and more
  • Accessories store nicely on & under the Tow

My twins are almost 4 years old now. It’s kind of incredible how fast time goes by, right? Gone are the wooden blocks and teething toys and in are the brightly colored fashion dolls and little building blocks!

Riley and Dylan were BEYOND thrilled when they discovered the Pinypon Ski Lodge & Snow Car and Tow in a delivery box!

Pinypon Ski Lodge

We got it all out and put it all together. There are a lot of pieces to it! Skis, snowboards, even a snowman! The Ski Lodge comes with 3 figures, all with interchangeable hair, faces, and bodies. There are lots of nice options for decorating your Pinypons and the sets too. My favorite part of the Ski Lodge? the REAL ice skating rink! The kids love Pinypon so much that I picked up two more figures at my local Fred Meyer!

 pinypon4 pinypon3 pinypon2 pinypon1

Dylan and Riley are having tons of fun with this cool playset – I know that Pinypon is on their list of “wants” for their birthday this year! You can find Pinypon anywhere toys are sold, including Walmart, Toys’r’Us, and Amazon!

Giveaway! One lucky reader will WIN both Pinypon Giftsets! Enter using the form below. Continental US, 18 and over only. Ends March 5th!

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