I have a pretty full home. Between two kids, a husband, 2 cats  AND a dog, I can only imagine some of the stuff that floats through the air. My Labrador Molly is older, has skin issues, and I know lets off dander, so having a Venta Airwasher is a must for me.

The Venta Airwasher fan blows the dry room air over the water adhered to the discs and humidifies the air evenly and safely using cold water evaporation. Simultaneously, the discs collect unwanted airborne particles from the air, which are then deposited in the bottom of the water reservoir. Since the Airwasher only releases properly humidified air, the unwanted airborne particles are trapped and left behind in the reservoir.

With the Venta Kuubel AirwasherI know there are several issues that have been remedied. These points direct from VentaUsa.com are so true:

  • You’ll feel better. Dry dirty air causes a whole host of problems, dry eyes, poor sleep, itchy throat, bacterial infection – like sore throats and colds.
  • You’ll look better. Correct moisture in the air means your skin will look and feel better. Your complexion will be rejuvinated with easy easy to absorb hydration.
  • You’ll concentrate better – you’ll think better – you’ll perform better, at home and at work.
  • Fill it – forget it. Kuubel runs all day and night quietly, without any fuss, to craft your perfect atmosphere. Unlike vaporizers, it only needs cleaning once every 6 months.

As an added, you can use essential oils and have an aromatic experience. Venta offers some exclusive fragrances (you should only use Venta oils in their Airwashers).


Seriously. Usually this time of year I end up getting at least 2 colds. Kids just LOVE bringing those home! But since the Kuubel helps rid my air of bacteria and allergens I have been relatively cough-free. Bonus with all of the kid-chasing and dog-walking I do daily.


Plus it’s unobtrusive in my home. And super quiet. I usually keep it in my living room since we spend so much time there, but lately I have been bringing it into my bedroom at night and it’s barely detectable. AND… My husband isn’t snoring as much!!! I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

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