The twins are at an age where I need to make some serious decisions about their room decor. They are just about done with their toddler beds (sniffle) and ready to embark on a more “big kid” theme. Right now it’s coordinating bedding – Riley’s with pink hearts and Dylan’s with blue stars – the walls are yellow with a big stripe of black chalkboard paint.


We LOVE the chalkboard stripe. It goes around the perimeter of their room and always has some cool random new kid drawing somewhere. The other day I got them up from their sleep and noticed a circle with a slew of lines coming from it like rays of sunshine. I asked Riley what it was – “it’s a spider silly!”..

Paul Frank Stackable Storage Ottoman

They absolutely LOVE Julius, the fun and cool monkey from Paul Frank. So I am pretty darn excited to see that Paul Frank has a new Home Collection! Everything from bedding to furniture to accent pieces. I was sent this super-cool Stackable Storage Cube in orange from the new Paul Frank Furniture line to check out.

I first off LOVE the size of it. So much. It’s a nice big 18″x18″. I can fit so much in there! I also like that it opens up in the front rather than the top (although you could flip it so it opens on the top). This way I can literally shove toys into it and close it up. Those times when I need to quickly clean (sure… my house is ALWAYS spruced up.. psssh), I can open the door to the Cube, push all of that crap in, close it up. Voilà.

The design is super modern and cool. So much so that I have yet to put it in the twins’ room and it currently resides in my living room next to my minimalist-ish sofa.

Paul Frank Storage Cube

Paul Frank Julius Storage Cube

My cat Dexter is such a model-diva! 



I just noticed my living room looks so MOD with my British pillow. Yeah Baby!


But seriously. It’s super awesome. Like “I want more like this” awesome. I don’t want to give it up. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME. 😉

Paul Frank Marshmallow Bench.
Paul Frank Marshmallow Bench. I so need this.
Paul Frank Bedroom In a Box
Paul Frank Bedroom In a Box
Paul Frank Chair & Ottoman
Paul Frank Chair & Ottoman – LOVES!

Be sure to check out all Paul Frank has to offer at http://paulfrank.com – you will go gaga over it all. So CUTE… And grab 30% off at DreamFurniture.com with code PAULFRANK. This is good until Dec 31st so YAY for discounted Christmas Gifts!!!

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Stay tuned for some ADORBS new clothing – I will be featuring it along with my post about the NEW Nick Jr Show Julius Jr!

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