So yeah. I am a day late on this because I needed to unplug for a day (that felt AWESOME). I also didn’t shoot a video this week. Don’t call it slacking, just taking a little digital break! šŸ˜‰

Weigh In Time!

  • Starting Weight (Dec 30): 185.1
  • Week 1: 179.6
  • Week 2: 178.6
  • Week 3: 177.6
  • Week 4: 174.4
  • Week 5: 174.2
  • Week 6: 172.4
  • Week 7: 171.2
  • Week 8: 169.4
  • Week 9: 168.4

Total Loss: 16.6 lbs

I was actually down to 166.4 a few days ago but when to visit family for a birthday party. So there was food. And cake. 

Here’s what i have learned so far:

30 days to create a habit – you WILL have these cravings and wanting to go back to the old way of eating for a month. get over those first 30 days and you will see them less and less and less.

If you slip, you slip. If you have a day of junk, so be it. Get back on the next day and don’t beat yourself up over it.

Water is your friend! I drink a bottle of water before every meal, sip on one while I eat, and tend to drink more water if I feel like I ate too much junk to help my body flush it out more over absorbing it. It helps!

Bananas are ZERO points and satisfy pretty well. You can also try this (if you are a sweets fan) – eat a banana dipped in sugar free chocolate pudding. 2 points! And super filling/super satisfying.

If you are craving salty: go buy some kale (they sell it chopped in bags of on stalks) and toss with olive oil and salt. Bake for 20 min at about 325. It’s like thin salty chips but totally good for you and zero points. Drink lots of water with salty foods to avoid that salt bloat.

There have been weeks where I lost 1/2 pound, weeks that I lost just 1 lb. Take these as a victory. Celebrate the small losses just as much as the big ones.

I am now down almost 17lbs. You can DO IT!