So the above mentioned pharmacy made good on some of the meds. Mister FedEx woke me up at 10am (hey, I worked late the night before) yesterday. I got PIO, baby asprin, prenatals, and a few other medications, basically everything but gonal-f, novarel, and lupron. So fine. You aren’t as sucky as I thought. I was just in a mood. Boo.

The new pharmacy hadn’t called me so I called them this morning to set it all up. Good news? They can deliver next Wednesday and don’t need a signature in case mister fed ex gets to my door after I leave for work. He will leave it on my doorstep, which is pretty well hidden so yay for me 🙂 the bad news? If they eff it up I may be screwed because they are closed Friday thru Monday for 4th of July. 4 days?? Really? That last time I got 4 days off was due to being cut open abdominally. So the employees there have a pretty good racket.

My company on the other hand screwed up my bonus check and only gave me half of what I was supposed to get. So we will see how long it takes to clear it up. I will just sit here and revel in the fact that my store was # 1 in the company for April, May, and most likely June. That and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee at starbucks. Oh wait, no it won’t….