I thought I would toss a little blog throwback in for Throwback Thursday, so I went to my old blog and looked to see what kind of post I did on this exact day, November 6th in any given year. Found this that I posted in 2009:

Ultrasound today (and genders)

So I had more spotting yesterday so I went in today to make sure all was going well. The u/s tech thinks it had something to do with one of my placentas moving down, it’s really close to the cervix but not covering it. I will know more next week when I see my dr – he wasn’t there today due to a delivery.

The babies are doing just great! Both are measuring perfect, totally active, and healthy. It was adorable – while one was being measured the other kept poking her little head into the shot and then getting a swift kick in the face by the first little guy 🙂

Did you get what I just said there? Yes, we are having a boy and a girl! I am beyond happy over the news! And it was absolutely unmistakable too, definitely a boy and a girl 🙂

So now on to names……..

Reading this brought a smile – and a tear – to my face.

I remember this day. I remember how I laughed that Baby B (Riley) showed that obvious “want to be in the spotlight” and outgoing independence over Baby A (Dylan).

Riley is still miss stretch-out-in-control-independent while Dylan is the one who is trying. He’s trying so hard, but in reality he just doesn’t have that assertiveness like Riley does. This difference in personality was completely evident yesterday when I picked them up from school. As Riley got up from her chair to leave about 5 or 6 little 4 year old girls piped up “Bye Riley!!!”. It’s like she was the little Homecoming Queen. Dylan? He jumped up and ran to me, ever the mommy’s boy, trying to get to me before she did.

Isn’t it funny how some things never really change?