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My hair is nearly impossible to curl. Well, I should say it curls fairly well, but holding the curl? Nope. It goes flat within an hour. I’m not sure why.

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The Instawave is really REALLY awesome with my hair – not only does it curl, it’s surprisingly easy to use and my curls last all day. The pic below is one that I took a few of hours after I curled my hair with the Instawave – it’s AMAZING!!

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I curled my hair at 8am that morning and this selfie was taken around 2pm. My curls are still springy and wavy, just like how they were that morning. I have never gotten that from another curling iron.

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Another thing I like – the spinning technique. It makes it so that the ends don’t get scrunched in and bent like what can happen with clamp curlers. As an added plus they are better protected from the heat because the ends aren’t sandwiched between two pieces of metal, so they stay smooth. A friend asked if my hair would get stuck with the spinning, the answer to that is no – it did get a little tight once, but all I needed to do was unwind a tiny bit and it was all good. Plus the spinning button is easy to use, I got used to it pretty quickly.

I highly recommend this product! You can find it at ULTA stores and Target!