Josh and I had a nice conversation about my worries. He is adamant on making sure that my and the babies needs (sanity) are met. I explained to him that I was worried that MIL would take offense over everything. I wanted him to understand that after us and the babies, my mom is next in line of importance. I can’t do this without my mom. And I can’t have anyone stay at the house, regardless of who they are. BUT if I decide that I do want someone (ie my mom) to stay overnight then it’s my prerogative. To quote Bobby Brown. Or Britney Spears if you will. So he promised me he would take care of it. 🙂

I’m sitting now in a movie theater waiting for Sherlock Holmes to start. I love Robert Downey Jr. Ever since Less Than Zero. He’s fantastic.

Yesterday Josh and I went to Hot Topic to but a t-shirt. I discovered they only carry baby stuff online now. Noooo! Anyway. I forgot I had a massive belly, bent down at the knees to pick something up, and lost my balance. Fell right on my ass. Didn’t hurt myself, don’t worry. Josh and I were joking that it wouldn’t be the last time I embarrassed my kids!

I get my house back tomorrow. 🙂 I get to re-reorganize my kitchen (its all out of order since visitors arrived). I get to have the upstairs room back to begin organizing baby stuff. I get to not have to worry about anyone but me, Josh, and the babies. We are all pretty self-sufficient.

Ok movie is about to start 🙂