Nursing Pillow


Head over to grab a FREE nursing pillow with code MYSAVINGS – just pay shipping of $12.95! These pillows aren’t just for nursing – here’s a list of ways you can use it!


For Baby

  • Put baby in it for tummy time (helps work their neck muscles)
  • Sit baby in it to help him learn to sit up without falling over
  • Nursing and bottle feeding
  • If baby has a cold, allow the baby to rest on the  pillow to keep his head elevated to prevent further congestion.
  • Use on the changing table to prevent baby from rolling off

If You Are Pregnant

  • under your belly when sleeping to help support it
  •  wrap it around your waist for easy laptop propping
  • Use as a hemorrhoid pillow or after delivery – just sit on it

For Everyone

  • Wrap it between your legs when you sleep on your side.
  • Use it as back support when sitting as a computer desk.
  • Use it as a neck pillow in the car.
  • Use it as a cat/dog bed for your pet
  • Headrest during exercise
  • Drink holder – no more toppling beverages
  • Neck support while sleeping – helps with snoring too!