Wow, I got some great responses to my dilemma! I also got in touch with a La Leche League leader via email since this update. I wanted to give you all an update on the nursing endeavors…

So last night I decided to go back to the shield/syringe technique. Both babies nursed fair. BUT they nursed. Every once in a while there would be a release and a cry, but both ended up back on. BUT both ended up getting pretty frustrated toward the end so I gave them each about 1 1/2oz formula anyway.

For the middle-of-the-night feeding(s) I prepared them each 2 2oz bottles and added 1/2 oz of my milk to each bottle. They DO like my milk, just not my nipples lol! They did well through the night and both enjoyed the bottles. I didn’t want to even try nursing in the middle of the night when I was tired, they were frustrated, and all we each wanted to do was our business and go back to sleep. They each ate a full bottle..

In the morning I fed them each their remaining bottles and headed out to see my Dr as well as pay a social visit to my RE and show them the results of my treatment with them. I also gave my Dr and my RE each a bouquet of flowers as a thank you. I wanted to take a picture with both but I forgot 🙁

During my outing the babies both got hungry so I had to tide them over with a prepared bottle each…

We got home and Riley woke up, so I figured it would be a good time to try nursing her again. As I was changing her diaper and getting her into some snuggly jammies, I kept telling her we were going to have a great, positive nursing experience and we will both be very happy and productive. This was more for me than her, but it felt good to say it aloud – it felt more believable to me and got me pumped up to nurse again (pun!).

So we got to work. I got my props – a syringe of formula, a soft towel, the pillows and boppy ready to go, and a nipple shield.

She latched.

At first she was a little upset but I continued to soothe her and calmly talk to her while I guided her. I periodically gave her formula, really after she started sucking to reward her. I gave her about 1/4 of the syringe total through the course of the feeding, but after a while she ate on her own. She let me know when she was done and promptly feel asleep in my arms.

She has NEVER gone through a nursing session without it ending in a bottle. I am pretty happy with our progress 🙂

I tried the same technique with Dylan got a similar result, but he didn’t nurse nearly as long.

Why yes. my gigantic boob is in a leopard print nursing bra….


I know that not every session will be like this at first but I am excited we were able to get here. I have been nursing/feeding on demand which I will continue to do, especially since my babies were small at birth. It was also suggested to me to have a “nursing vacation” and camp out all day in bed with snuggles and lots of contact. I am so excited about this, tomorrow is the perfect day to begin our “vaca” since Josh goes back to work and we will be completely alone most of the day. Which is sad to me. I love having him here with me. He ended up getting 2 weeks off instead of the 3 that we wanted. Boo… Why can’t we just be independently wealthy??

Side note – went to the Dr today and I lost 35lbs since giving birth! Which is great, but I am still at 172. BUT that was my weight when I got pregnant. So YAY for that, but I would love to lose another 20-30 lbs. I don’t want to be stick-thin, I don’t look good skinny, but I do want to go down to a size 6-8. And breastfeeding will help that 🙂 So c’mon babies – let’s eat!

I’ve been signing a song to them right before we nurse. I started saying “are you ready for this?” and it turned into the techno-dance version…