This week seems to be a particularly difficult one for most IF-ers. Just take a gander at my blog list to the right. I think it has to do with Mother’s Day. I find it especially hard to look back at my TTC life and think I should be celebrating the day. I should be getting flowers from my husband. He should be whispering in my ear “you are a wonderful mom”. My child(ren) should be making me heart-shaped pancakes and squeezing orange juice into an “I love you mom” mug. I should be getting a card signed in crayon. Instead I will wake up and make my own breakfast, call my mom to tell her how wonderful she is (and she is), and drive up to Seattle alone.

It’s completely unfair. Why is it that the women who would make the best moms (yes, I am lumping myself into that category) struggle, while people like this have no problem getting pregnant.

It makes no sense.

I feel like I have all but given up hope for a non-IVF conception. It’s never worked before, why should it now?