I wanted to get the most out of a promo at Albertsons, where they were rounding all coupons up to $1 with no limit (PNW stores) – I wanted to see if I could score some free Mahatma rice with my $0.50/1 Mahatma Rice Coupon (RP 1/27) along with a few other things. And my kids were being good and reasonable – a feat for 3 year olds.. While I was there I came across a SUPER deal – buy $15 worth of TreSEMME and get $5 CAT – PLUS there were $1.75 peelies on them! SCORE! I could get my favorite hair products for around $1 or so each after the CAT…

As I head up to the register I scan for my favorite cashier, a nice man who constantly talks about his granddaughter with so much pride. He never gives me a hassle about coupons ever and he’s nice to my twins, but unfortunately he wasn’t there. The only cashier working was one who I knew would give me a hard time – she has done it before and really REALLY hates couponers. I really considered ditching my cart and leaving at this point.

I am overly nice to her while she rings me up, then I hand her my coupons. She scans each and every one after scrutinizing them and giving me stink-eye. I smile each time she does this. After I am done, I wait for my CAT and it doesn’t print. Oh no…. She calls the manager over, an emotionless woman, and the manager says “wrong items”. I’m like “ok, I will go get the right ones” and quickly head over to get them. No worries, that’s an easy mistake to make! I take the correct ones over to the customer service desk and exchange them out – but apparently confuse the person on duty there because I used coupons. I continue apologizing and consider saying “just refund me for the first ones” but I feel I am in too deep at this point and don’t want to seem ungrateful. So they total it and I use my coupons and nothing spits out. They say “oh well!” and I just say thanks and leave because I know that I probably won’t get anywhere. So I am calling Catalina to get it all settled… that’s not the point of my post anyway…

It’s not like I had stacks and stacks of coupons – I literally had about 20 – maybe even less – and although 5 of them were for the Mahatma rice (ended up free), the rest came out to $30 after it was all said and done, saving me about 60%. So I wasn’t extreme couponing by any means. I was also playing 100% by the rules – as I always do. I got the eye roll the second my binder was spotted – and was made to feel guilty for maximizing my savings… Needless to say I will probably not go to that Albertson’s store again (for those who need to know it was store #590).

So my question to you – have you ever come across a non-coupon-friendly cashier and how did you handle it?


FYI – this is merely a vent on a situation that I came across. I generally have good experiences while couponing – that’s because I try to give the cashier as much friendly respect as possible and I play by the rules 🙂

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