Ahh the perils of feeding my kids. With Dylan it’s certain things he will eat – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, goldfish crackers, and popcorn. He eats so little I sometimes wonder how he has any energy at all! Riley is different – she calls herself and “Eating Machine”. She will eat anything and everything! Dylan will nibble, but then when we are getting ready to go somewhere it’s “mom, I’m hungry!”. That’s where the Munchie Mug comes in.

Munchie Mug is a new design by Phil Amormino, president of Witty Works, Inc. He saw the need for it with his daughter – they watched his son Grant spill yet another “spill-proof cup” that failed to do its job.


Munchie Mug is different from other spill-proof cups. Others have that rubbery plastic star-shaped opening. In my experience these become warped in the dishwasher, pull open, and aren’t doing what the design is supposed to do – keep food in.


Munchie Mug uses poly-nylon fabric instead, overlapping with an opening that a child’s hand can easily fit through to get the goodies. This means NO spills whatsoever. You can toss the Munchie Mug into a backpack with no top and it will still keep those goldfish in there.


Munchie Mug is dishwasher-safe (top rack) and completely safe for food. Plus it’s cute and FUN! You can find Munchie Mug online at, as well as specialty shops (click HERE to find one near you!) I really hope we see the Munchie Mug at big stores someday too!


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