No Longer Promoting SaveMore Deals

Life She Has

I wanted to let my readers know that due to many, many issues with Savemore vouchers with both myself and readers/other blogs, I will NOT post any more deals from them. While I have received many of the items I have ordered, there are many that I have yet to get in the mail. The companies they promote such as GadgetGear and Nailfraud are impossible to get a hold of. Even GadgetGear’s phone number is disconnected. After doing a quick online search I found I was not in the minority on this. There is a rumor that many of the sites they promote are in fact owned by Savemore but I have yet to confirm this.

I have also learned that Savemore is deleting negative comments from their Facebook wall. While I do understand it is their right to do so I think it lacks integrity to do this. Just this morning I looked on their Facebook page which was flooded with complaints. Now? GONE.

Until Savemore redeems themselves as a reputable deal site I urge my readers to use caution should you decide to get one of the deals on their site. Currently many people are calling them a scam. I am not sure of this, but it all seems fishy to me…

Life She Has


  1. I am glad to know I’m not the only one. I bought a voucher and can’t not get ahold of savemore or accessories direct about my purchase.

    1. Ugh that’s terrible. I don’t understand how anyone, let alone a COMPANY, can do that to people and have peace of mind. I would be a horrible scammer because I’d feel bad halfway through and come clean lol.

  2. Thank y ou for letting us know! I was just looking at their deals they had up. You have made my decision easier–not going for it! Thanks

  3. I too was ripped off. I ordered the BostonMarket gift card and was told by BM they do not sell gift cards through any on line site except their own. When I tried to reach savemore the number recording put you on hold, then a busy signal and then disconnected. I wouldn’t get anything from them. You can never reach them.

  4. You are making a wise decision not sponsoring them. You are providing a valuable service and to have your site be connnected to this fraudulent one is a shame. So, HURRAY to you and I will continue to support yours!

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