Nope. Despite all of the contractions I am home. But that’s good, the longer they cook the better off they are 🙂

The funny thing was I had several contractions last night and this morning and afternoon. Once I was hooked up to the monitor I didn’t have any. Not a single one! My uterus is trying to psyche me out I think.

BP went back down – yay! And no protein in my urine either 🙂

My daughter was totally uncooperative during my NST. She was squirming around like mad. Probably due to that veggie burger I had before my appt. And it was yummy.

My dr had a med student with him today. He was all young and little and adorable and super nervous. He was actually shaking when he was measuring my belly. Then he got all happy when he found the hb of both babies right away (even though I told him exactly where they were). He felt all accomplished. It was adorable.

So nothing exciting. Like I said, a good thing. A great thing really 🙂 now I must take a nap 🙂