If you have been reading my little bloggity blog, you will know my kiddos LOVE Julius Jr. They run around singing the theme song all of the time “Take a cardboard box add some tape and glue, Build a magic world, make your dreams come true“… the love it. I love that Julius Jr and his friends encourage imaginative play!

Nick Jr and Saban Brands have come out with another great way to play – Julius Jr Toys! Toys R Us has several available now – from plush to figures and more! Dylan was excited to get the Julius Jr Rock’n Playhouse:

Screen shot 2014-08-02 at 1.40.17 PM

Step into the “Box” and out of this world with Julius Jr. and the rest of the gang! Play away, as their crafted cardboard box playhouse comes to life! The playhouse features lights and sounds including: magical front door entrance activations, a light up dance floor and a kid-powered elevator that carries the figures to all 3 levels with sounds on each floor!


1. Open the door to enter the Playhouse and trigger a special entry sequence.
2. Skate on the skateboard ramp
3. Dance on the light-up floor on the ground level.
4. Take the “Lift-o-Tron” magic elevator to the 2nd floor and rock out with the band.
5. Go through the aperture door, slide down the conveyor belt into the Hall of Doors, and go for a rocket ride in outer space.
6. Ride the elevator to the roof to peer out into the ‘real world.’
7. The play-set includes a 3” Julius Jr. figure, 4 accessories, space world extension and universal fit sliding conveyor belt. Attach it with other conveyer belts and smaller sets for extended play.


I love how colorful and exciting the whole set its. The music is fun to listen to and there are several different clips that play. Dylan’s favorite part is the Space World Extension. It flips down to transport Julius into the world of space – there’s even a little Julius Alien to greet him! Dylan also loves the circular slide – he has Julius and his other mini figures slide down – giggling with each one!

juliusjrf juliusjrb Juliusjra juliusjre

I’m excited to grab more figures for his playset – Toys ‘R Us has them each for just $5.99 and they all come with a fun accessory!

Screen shot 2014-08-02 at 1.48.25 PM

You can find Julius Jr products at Toys ‘R Us – and be SURE to watch Julius Jr on Nick Jr! It’s a cute show, your kids will love it!