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These New Beauty and the Beast Posters Are EVERYTHING

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Beauty and the Beast is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year and just released some brand new character posters! Beauty and the Beast is the live-action version of the classic animated – if you loved the original you will love this new re-imagining of the tale as old as time. Check out the trailer:

Beauty ant the Beast is in theaters everywhere March 17, 2017!


“Belle” – Emma Watson

“The Beast” – Dan Stevens

“The Prince” – Dan Stevens

“Gaston” – Luke Evans

“Cadenza” – Stanley Tucci

“Gardrobe” – Audra MacDonald

“Plumette” – Gugu Mbatha-Raw

“Cogsworth” – Sir Ian McKellen

“Mrs. Potts” – Emma Thompson

“Lumiere” – Ewan McGregor

“Maurice” – Kevin Kline

“Lefou” – Josh Gad

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