I am one of those types of people, that if my head was not attached to my body it would seriously fall off and roll all around the house and I would end up losing it, never being found again. I lose things daily. I lose my car keys, my phone, my sunglasses, everything. If it is not somehow attached to me it gets lost in the sea of an abyss. Thankfully, I recently came across this amazing app and a product called The Tile App.


Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that you can place anywhere and on anything you wish to track. There are several different ways you can track your lost item. The first being using the alarm feature on the app that will cause the tracker to ring loudly. The second way is you can use the map feature on the app to see where the trackers (and your belonging) last known location was. The final way, which is how to find your phone, is press on the Tile and your phone will ring, no matter if it is on silent. How amazing and cool is that?!


There are literally endless ways for you to use the Tile app. It can be placed on your keys, purse, wallet, sunglasses and more. If you are going out of town and will be leaving your vehicle behind, you can hang the Tile from the rearview mirror, and if you car is stolen you can see where it is. This feature is also great for teen drivers, to make sure they go where they say they are going. There are literally thousands of possibilities to use the Tile.


My favorite application is adding it to my car keys. I don’t know how many times I have been on my way out the door and start frantically looking for my keys, spending 10 minutes or more hunting for them. With Tile I just grab my phone and use the app to make my keys chirp, saving time and frustration!

Get yours now from AT&T for only $25 OR 4 for $70 and never lose your precious belongings again. One reader will WIN ONE from me (yay!!) Enter below! Ends 5/6/2016, US Only!

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