Never let a pregnant woman go to the store

Life She Has

She will leave fora carton of milk and come back with taco stuff, strawberry shortcake stuff, sour patch kids, chips, salsa, pepperidge farm cookies, rocky road ice cream, a watermelon, and a pineapple…..

….but not a carton of milk….

Life She Has


  1. haha! You crack me up!! I do that now, and I’m not pregnant! I asked my husband to go to the store to grab milk the other day… he came back with a $6.00 gallon of ‘organic’ milk…. it tasted the same to me, but I could have killed him!

  2. I did the same thing…only I needed apples for my class…and I left with tylenol and something delicious for lunch…but no apples…

    LOL…at least we have TWO little kiddos we can blame! :o)

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