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NeatCheeks are the very first naturally flavored face wipes made especially for toddlers and kids. They are lick-ably sweet, plush and moisturizing.  With NeatCheeks, meal time clean up is now just as fun as it was making the mess!  NeatCheeks Naturally Flavored Face Wipes are preferred by Moms and kids because they are gentle, effective and best of all, are the only wipes with a sweet, pleasant taste. They put a smile on your toddlers face with every wipe.

My kids are messy. What child isn’t? Especially Riley. She loves food. So much that when she eats it gets EVEYWHERE. Hair, forehead, clothes, you name it, you’ll find it on her. I personally love that she is such a foodie, but she gets so messy so quickly that I am often scrambling for something to wipe her face with. Usually it’s my sleeve or an errant article of clothing found in the car (yuck).

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NeatCheeks is a GODSEND! The packages are small enough to fit in my purse (or back pocket) and they not only get the job done, they are super soft and don’t have that yucky baby-wipe taste to them. I only need one to get her face, hands, and wherever else food got on her. Super easy, very convenient, especially for the car. So awesome that I have already depleted the packs I received! I love that Riley no longer wiggles away from a wipe (or, ahem, my sleeve) because she actually likes the way it feels and tastes. NeatCheeks contains all natural ingredients and is completely non-irritating to tender skin.

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I was supplied with some samples for my review. All opinions expressed are my own.