I got my NCP Scanner a couple of months ago and I am so surprised at how EASY it is! Here’s what I do to minimize my time spent scanning while maximizing my point potential:

  • Bring the scanner with you and scan while you shop! I have found this to be the simplest way. I get the scanner ready by putting in who is shopping with me and the store before I head in. Then as I shop I scan the items I am tossing into my basket. This way in case it asks for price I am right there and can easily check it instead of consulting the receipt.
  • If you have children it could be fun for them to scan too!
  • If you do not want to bring it with you or scan when you get home you can input the SKU (UPC) from the receipt. I’ve done this many times – takes about 3 minutes!
  • Input EVERYTHING you can! Getting gas? Yep, you can enter that info. Restaurant or takeout? Get it entered.
  • When I get home I put the scanner on the charger and it will evenutally auto-transfer. I could hit “Transfer now” if I wanted to though!
  • I also have gotten a TON of surveys which give me points too!

NCP (National Consumer Panel) is accepting more and more markets – more than ever before! If you have signed up but haven’t been approved I suggest you try again!

Click HERE!