is offering kids the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift certificate for sending in a book review!

In order to participate, kids from grades 1 -8 should complete a short video (from 30 seconds to 2 minutes) in which they review and rank a book of their choice. Parents are required to help. is a website committed to letting kids talk to kids about the books, toys, games, and food that they encounter every day. We post the video reviews – by kids – on our site so that other children and parents can use this information to inform their own purchasing or borrowing.

We believe that there are many positive aspects to having children create these videos:

· Children learn to think critically about the books, toys, and games and other products that they consume everyday. In order for the kids to review a product, they must apply a set of criteria to it, criteria that they have formed from interactions with similar products. The kids might not call it “critical thinking,” of course, but if we can help them become more conscious about their likes and dislikes and their choices, then we are helping them to think critically!

· Children learn presentation skills. Having the kids create these videos enables parents — and teachers — to have conversations about eye contact, volume, poise, and a variety of other skills all people need to communicate effectively.

· Children learn to articulate their thoughts for an authentic audience. The children are asked to consider, form, and enunciate their opinions knowing that their peers, relatives, and other adults will be viewing their work. In a world where students often produce material that is for teachers only, we believe that work done for another, authentic audience is very valuable.

· It’s fun! Kids love to create these videos and love watching themselves on the computer afterwards!

· Importantly, all of this work is done under the supervision of parents. We ask the parents to film their children and then submit the videos to our website. There, a team of parents will again review the videos before they are posted on the web.

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