I have to admit I was a little worried when I accepted the Go-Kiddo T6 Carving Scooter for review. My son is a bit of a daredevil – yes at just 5 years old. For instance – first day of kindergarten and he jumped on the monkey bars, assuming he could just glide across like a capuchin. Nope. He fell flat on his face. Luckily I was there because it was early and tended to him, asked if he wanted to go see the nurse. “No”, he said as he brushed away the sawdust and held back the tears. Within about 2 minutes he was trying it again on monkey bars that were a good 2 feet higher than the first. And he did it, he scaled across them (with me as a spotter). No fear, this kid.


While I knew that the T6 had some decent balance to it – it’s three wheels after all – I wasn’t sure that the recommended age (8-12) would be a hindrance. I put it all together – all tools are included (and I highly recommend doing it on the floor rather than a table or countertop) – strapped my son’s helmet on (safety first!), and went outside to the long stretch of sidewalk we have in front of our house.


My husband gave the boy a quick lesson in balance and kicking off (he’s a life-long skateboarder himself), and held onto the handles like it was a bicycle. Actually – that’s an interesting thing about the T6 Scooter – it’s kind of like riding a bike. But easier.



Our son was off. He kicked off like a pro. He didn’t fall once. The handlebars were a little tall for him but otherwise he was comfortable. He was riding it!!!! My husband wanted to test it out for himself so after our son rode for a bit, he let his daddy have a turn.


Get the big kids (rider ages 8-12). This terrific Go-Kiddo ride-on scooter gets this age group to not only look good while riding and exercising, but in turn, boost their confidence of looking great on these. Yet again, this 3-point, 3-wheel carving scooter allows the young rider to achieve many rewards for their mind and body.  It makes sense why many Physical Education programs across the US use these in their programs.  They’re calling it “exercise disguised as fun.”  A very easy way to get the kiddos moving and having a great time!


You can find this super-awesome Carving Scooter on the Go-Kiddo site, at Amazon, and other great retailers!