Oh Em Gee. A Snake. My heart is still racing…

This morning my day started early.. I ran to Starbucks before the family woke up, cam home and did a little work on the computer, then got the kids up as my husband was heading off to work. I had decided to go to Fred Meyer to grab some gardening stuff. The nice thing about Freddy’s is that they have drop in daycare. YES! I dropped my kids off for the hour and picked up a couple bags of fresh soil, some corn, broccoli, and pea seeds, a few other things, wandered around until their hour was up, then grabbed them and went home with every intention of getting some seeding done.

Little Miss Sassy-Pants standing in said garden area prior to weeding it…

There is this one spot in my back yard that has a low retaining wall and some soil. I spent most of the day yesterday weeding it all out and making it nice and clean. The bricks around it were falling and askew, so I worked to move them around and clean it up. Obviously this hadn’t been done in I-don’t-know-how-long, because they were essentially becoming part of their surroundings.


Let me mention something – when you do yard work you are BOUND to come across bugs and spiders. Even though I hate spiders with a passion, I became used to it. Heck, I barely flinched when I found 3 wolf spiders. I paused, then decided that they were better off getting sprayed (or my choice of annihilation, boiling hot water) or just left alone. I chose the latter.

I opened the two bags of soil I picked up and poured them over the existing now weed-free soil. As I knelt down to push the soil around and spread it out, I saw something out of the corner of my right eye.


There’s nothing – NOTHING – that scares me more than snakes. Maybe clowns, but I think anyone would be freaked out if they happened upon a clown in their back yard…

I am sure my entire neighborhood, if not the state of Oregon heard my scream. “SNNAAAAAAKE!!!!!”. The kids who were playing on the patio looked up from their sandbox table. First thing Dylan says?

“Snake? I wanna see!”

Mind you, he’s 3 years old. There’s no way in hell he’s getting anywhere near where that slithery thing was.

I shoo them inside because, heck, I am not a snake expert and had NO idea what kind it was, if it was dangerous, or what… I realized I had left me phone along with my HMDX Jam Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (review/giveaway coming up) on the top of the fence directly above the Chamber of Horrors – I mean where the snake glissaded past me. So I made a choice and hopped over to grab them, then ran inside to rock back and forth in the corner muttering to myself catch my breath and look up the species of the serpent that scared the living hell out of me.


Harmless Northwestern Garter Snake.  Actually WANTED in the garden even. Um. What?

Yep, they aren’t bothersome, will probably not bite, and actually help gardens by eating slugs and bugs. If I called a pest control company and said “omg come get this garter snake out of my yard!” they would probably laugh at me.

I am sitting in my house right now and keep looking over my shoulder thinking that this guy will be sitting there. Mocking me. Probably much like some of my readers are doing right now 😉 But I am a city mouse. I don’t fare well with wild animals other than squirrels, birds, even the occasional opossum. But now I need to add “snakes” to my list of common critters?! Really? REALLY…

So in order to garden – which I really REALLY want to do – I need to cohabitate with these guys… Call me a wuss right now, but I will pull myself up by my bootstraps and get that area planted, snake or no snake.

I should have known I was going to come across a snake today. I mean - look at my choice of shorts today?
I should have known I was going to come across a snake today. I mean – look at my choice of shorts today..


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