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So I know a lot of this has to do with all of the lovely things my digestion is doing (or not doing), but my body has already changed drastically! I decided last week to buy maternity pants and guess what I am wearing. Yep, already. Which is totally fine. I have always had a poochy belly so these are actually a relief. Super comfy 🙂

I’ve had insane m/s too. I even had to go home from work the other day because the only place that I feel comfy is my bed…. Ahhhh soft, comfy bed complete with a soft comfy body pillow I can wrap myself around.

Speaking of work, I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I work in a fairly busy clothing store which I am the manager of. I sit down every 30 min due to exhaustion. I have mentioned stepping down, which looks more and more like a reality to me. My child(ren) and my health are more important than my boss telling me to rearrange the entire store. So I may just do it. I wish I were independently wealthy. Maybe I should play the lottery 🙂

Mind you I am not complaining one bit. I actually love it, I know that my little rice cakes are growing inside of me and I can’t ask for anything more. Besides crystallized ginger. It’s a god-send for neausea.

Life She Has


  1. Have I told you lately that you so have more than one in there? My friend recently told me that she read that the IVF bloat sticks around if you are PG- lucky us. I was going to ask you too, where do you buy crystalized ginger? I hope you don’t work in a clothing store where you have to wear what you sell. That would make it so much harder!

  2. I’m definitely thinking about heading over to the maternity store myself…I just wore my jeans all day and it was brutal. I’m definitely in stretchy pants now!!

  3. Yeah I had to buy a bella band and wear it with all my buttoned pants almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I’ve been using it for a month already!

    Ugh, the ginger does nothing for me. Nothing "natural" does. I’m on Diclectin… but that’s only available in Canada.

    Just wait. You’re only 5 weeks, your nausea will be alot worse soon!

  4. I am there with you and the nausea!! I haven’t had to move towards stretchy pants (yet), but there are sometimes when I have to unbutton my jeans while sitting down!!! I second feeling comfy in bed! While I am getting ready for work I longingly glance at my bed and just want to curl up in it!!

    I love it as well!

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