As I sit here waiting for my kids to get out of class in a line of minivans and soccer moms, I am thinking about the rest of my day.. Pet store to get my dog’s special (read: expensive) food, Riley’s cheerleading practice tonight and where are her pompoms?.. the grocery store… chances are these other moms I am in line with are thinking basically the same things.

The grocery store is what’s sitting on my mind the most. I have a baad habit of making mental lists of things and not writing thm down. My husband has a GREAT habit of texting me a list (THANK YOU)… Eggs, bananas, milk, toilet paper… Charmin.

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When I think of toilet paper I think of commercials, and the commercial that comes to mind is the one about bears having to “go the go”. Charmin!charmin-bears

I don’t skip on T.P. Have you ever been to the bathroom and used a less-than-stellar brand? It can be like sandpaper, and sandpapering my nethers is not what I like best… So I know Charmin Ultra Strong is on my (texted/mental) shopping list.


With a family of 4 we go through a ton of toilet paper. It’s one of those things that is always need, so I tend to stock up when I am grocery shopping. Charmin Ultra Strong is awesome because of the washcloth-like strength and texture. It doesn’t break or fall apart like other brands and it gets everyone clean. Especially good for the couple of 5 year olds I have here who seem to use the bathroom literally hourly. Not really. Definitely more than me though.

So while I don’t care what kind of peanut butter I get and often switch brands of coffee creamer based on price, Charmin is the one brand that I refuse to budge from. My family’s butts deserves the best ūüôā

**It also makes a fabulous lipstick blotter. (I know I’m not the only one!)

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