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An awkward photo of the living area…..

Well, just moving. Josh went to the landlord the day after we found out there will be 3 or more of us to inquire about a larger apartment. We went in this morning to check on it and lo and behold, the one we wanted is now available. It’s a 2 bedroom loft apartment, which we are very excited about! So Thursday we get the keys and have until Sunday to move out of our current pad. Ahhh, more room! and a baby room! BTW baby has a walk in closet…. which will come in handy I am sure…

I hired movers, rented a truck (yes, it’s in the same complex but the complex is HUGE), and requested a quote for move-out cleaning services. Because I will be damned if I am gonna lift a finger in this. Actually, Josh won’t allow it. He won’t even let me clean a teeny tiny spot on the carpet. Besides I am working Saturday and won’t be able to do anything anyhow…. I spent about 20 minutes cleaning out my closet and then got tired/bored of it all…

On the baby front, I am feeling a little better. I wake up with morning sickness and once I eat I am ok. I am still tired all of the time. At work I can’t ever stop yawning! My poochie tummy has gone down a little, my digestion has mellowed out, and I can sleep pretty well again. In fact, my naps are the best sleep I have had in ages. Before I got pregnant, it would take me over an hour to fall asleep, now I can doze off in a minute. Josh laughs because I always fall asleep with the remote in my hand. Once I even fell asleep while eating….

1st ultrasound is Friday morning….. please please please let it be a good one….
Life She Has


  1. How exciting!!! Even though moving can be a pain, a new place is always exciting. Your u/s is just around the corner… you are almost there! šŸ™‚

  2. love the new place! so glad you got movers too, no need to do anything right now!

    i know your u/s is going to go great and i just can’t wait to see the pics! oh my dear sis, you think you love that little bean or beans now, just wait until you see the u/s. i don’t know how to explain it, but it’s a BIG feeling! i’m just so excited for everything happening in your world right now. you deserve all the best…

    love you!

  3. Uh Oh, you caught my moving bug! Nice new digs! You’re right a walk in closet in the baby’s room will come in very handy.

    Good for hiring movers and a cleaning service. Rick’s company hired the movers and I’ve hired the cleaning service and I’m not pregnant. Too much work on top of unpacking and organizing.

    I also can’t wait until your u/s!

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