Disney Book Group sent me a copy to check out and is partnering with me for a giveaway!

My daughter loves to read. She also loves slightly creepy things. She’s so much like her mom… 

Disney Books has a new slightly creepy but totally entertaining new book – The Mortification of Fovea Munson by Mary Hinn Heider. This chapter book (for kids 8-12 years old) is about a young girl who lives a creepy life with her surgeon parents and discovers that she has an uncanny ability to talk to disembodied heads.

It sounds WAY more dark than it actually is. I promise. Comedy, not horror. And you can own it by entering this giveaway!

About the Book

Fovea Munson is nobody’s Igor.

True, her parents own a cadaver lab where they perform surgeries on dead bodies. And yes, that makes her gross by association, at least according to everyone in seventh grade. And sure, Fovea’s stuck working at the lab now that her summer camp plans have fallen through. But she is by no means Dr. Frankenstein’s snuffling assistant! That is, until three disembodied heads, left to thaw in the wet lab, start talking. To her. Out loud. What seems like a nightmare, or bizarre hallucination, is not. Fovea is somebody’s Igor, all right. Three somebodies, actually. And they need a favor.

With a madcap sense of humor and a lot of heart (not to mention other body parts), this is a story about finding oneself, finding one’s friends, and embracing the moment.

One reader will WIN a $50 Visa Gift Card and a copy of The Mortification of Fovea Munson! You can also enter a separate over at WhiskynSunshine to double your chances! Giveaway ends 10/31

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