Morris The Cat wants to give your cats some advice on play. I have two kitties of my own, so this is great advice for them (because they are, well, LAZY).

Check out what Morris has to say about Play!


Introduction to Play

Even though cats make it look easy, playing takes discipline! With work, chores, and errands, it can be tough to remember to be silly once in awhile. But have no fear—I’m here to take you through the steps of playing one by one. You’re in good hands, ahem, paws.

Level 1: Amusement

Amusement is Level 1 because it’s so easy. If you’re a cat and lack opposable thumbs, try chasing a red laser dot around your house. If you’re a human, just type ‘cat video’ into your search bar and click (what else?) the ‘play’ button. Then, prepare to be amused.

Level 2: Entertainment

After mastering Level 1, you can try entertainment. (Proceed carefully—fun isn’t for the faint-hearted!) If you’re a cat, simply locate your tail and chase it. If you’re a human, try watching your cat chase his tail. It’s the surest path to true entertainment.

Level 3: Delight

It may seem like an oxymoron to have to work at playing, but it’s a skill to be honed much like the piano—or begging for treats. For delight, tell a joke or perform some silly cat antics to make someone laugh. Soon, you’ll be LOLing or MOLing (Meowing Out Loud) too.

Level 4: Joy

Now that you’ve made it to Level 4, you’ll start seeing the world from a new purrspective. For humans, what once seemed like an old ball of string can become an epic game of cat’s cradle. For cats, wiggle that string around and suddenly… it’s ALIVE and ready to play!

Level 5: Prospurr

If Play were a competitive sport, this would be the gold medal winner. Remember, it’s as much about your state of mind as it is about that game of checkers or the bird-like toy you’re chasing—so pounce on your fears, swat away your cares and you can achieve prospurr at playing!


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