I went to the Beaverton Farmers Market today. This is the first week they are open on another day other than Saturday, so I was pretty excited. For a total of $12 I got raspberries, strawberries, a huge monster sized romain lettuce head, snap peas, honey sticks, tomatoes, and broccoli. I was a little bummed that only a quarter of the vendors were there, so I missed out on things like bread, flavored honey sticks, and wine.

Then I went to Trader Joes, where a really adorable 23 year old boy flirts with me every time I go in. He actually stops whatever he is doing to say hello and make small talk – how cute is that?! Today he was checking and when I walked in he beamed a huge smile to me, then as another girl was ringing me, he stopped ringing his customer to say hello.

So it’s nice to know that despite my crows feet, extra weight gain, and exhaustion that shows on my face I STILL GOT IT BABY!! Or he likes cougars….

Off to make a romaine lettuce salad with diced tomatoes, raspberries, sliced strawberries, feta cheese, drizzled with a homemade dressing of balsamic vinegar and mandarin oranges…. Try it, it’s amazing 🙂