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Ever have those days where you just don’t want to cook? I mean at all?

Yep, I do. Although I LOVE cooking there are times when I *just don’t wanna* (stamps feet like a two-year-old)!

So I often turn to the frozen section at my local grocery store. I like to have some ammo when hubby asks “what’s for dinner?’. I tell him to check the freezer. I have my done-for-the-day-pants-on”, as I show him I am wearing my Paul Frank Julius jammie bottoms. When those are on I am not doing a damn thing more 😉

Michael Angelo’s saw that I needed some time off from the kitchen and sent me some coupons to try their  frozen Italian dinners. Um YUM. I’m so there.

When your goal is Naturally Italian taste, it only makes sense to import authentic ingredients from Italy. We believe that the best cheese in the world is made by artisans who have spent a lifetime, even generations, perfecting their product. It’s this kind of commitment to tradition that produces exceptional cheese. Our Parmesan and Romano cheeses are made by experts who know how to age it to the perfect texture and flavor, store it at the right temperature and protect it every step of the way from their door to ours. And our fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses are made with equal quality, care and craftsmanship.

signature_meatlasagna_d_11So normally when I get frozen dinners they taste processed, with meats pressed together like MDF board, a funny tasting sauce, and limp noodles. I hadn’t tried Michael Angelo’s until this review, and I can tell you that they are the exact opposite. The pasta is al dente just how I like it, the meats are rich with flavor and the perfect texture, and the sauce is fresh. This does NOT taste packaged. Not in the slightest. Don’t even get me started on the cheese. I love cheese. The cheese flavors in Michael Angelo’s are complex and taste like I went to that little Italian specialty shop and spent a fortune on cheese. I’m telling you, it’s that good. Not like the other brands (like the one that starts with an “S”).

Michael Angelo’s tastes like I actually put effort into dinner and not just tossed something in the oven. So those done-for-the-day-pants? They do their job in keeping me relaxed.

Wanna try it for yourself? Head over to MichaelAngelos.com to grab a $1 off coupon! You can also WIN a trip to Italy!


This is the third annual Michael Angelo’s Trip to Italy sweepstakes, but this year Michael Angelo’s is offering ways to earn extra sweepstakes entries – truly allowing you to taste your way to Italy. Simply join Michael Angelo’s Family Table reward program via the Facebook application and start tryingMichael Angelo’s meals. You’ll earn points toward additional sweepstakes entries with each Michael Angelo’s meal purchase. Sweepstakes ends November 24!

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