You might not be thinking of Medicare for yourself yet, but you might be considering it for your parents. While basic Medicare Part A and Part B cover close to 80% of medical bills, there are gaps that aren’t covered. With the rising cost of health care, those gaps can be pretty extensive. Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, often called Medigaps, are designed to cover gaps such as deductibles, co pays, and other various expenses and often pay most if not all of the cost. Furthermore, individuals can receive a policy with NO medical exams, which is a blessing to those with preexisting conditions.

For those who have found the financial struggles associated with the missing coverage from Medicare Part A and Medicare part B, a Medicare supplemental insurance policy has become a key factor in providing financial peace of mind. Depending on the Medicare supplemental plan an individual chooses, these plans will pay most if not all the gaps in the individual A and B plans. Some would think that an insurance plan like this would be pricy, but the premiums are surprisingly affordable. Additional resources to help you save can be found in our Personal Finance Guide for Seniors. You may find even more ways to enjoy your golden years.

For a free quote, visit Medicare Supplements and enter your zip code. Premiums are surprisingly low and might offer you or someone you care for a little more peace of mind. We, at Mommy Wants Freebies, like that.

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