Matilda The Musical Is A Must See In Portland

I had the opportunity to take my 6 year old son to see Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical last night at Keller Auditorium in Portland.  It was AMAZING.  We are big fans of Roald Dahl at our house, so this was a real treat.  

Jenna Weir as Matilda was a perfect blend of spunk and naughtiness.  She is definitely a name to watch for in the future on Broadway!  Matilda Wormwood is born to parents who are entirely too busy with their own lives to have any real interest in her so they send her to Crunchem Hall Elementary.  The Headmistress is Agatha Trunchbull, played by Dan Chameroy.  Truchbull is known for putting kids in the ‘Chokey’, a narrow cupboard with spikes on the walls and nails sticking up from the floor, for detention.  Dan plays the part so well, and steals the show.  My son loved the story line of adults being mean, bad and naughty, and the children saving the day with their own brand of naughtiness and ‘smarts’ as he calls them.  He laughed at their antics, and in the next minute he would be yelling at Trunchbull or the Wormwoods, calling them ‘Meanies!’
Matilda The Musical Is A Must See In Portland

Matilda’s saving grace at Chrunchem Hall is her teacher, Miss Honey, who truly sees how special Matilda really is.  

This truly is a great play for the entire family.  My son left asking if we could watch the movie or read the book when we got home!  He just wasn’t ready for it to end.  

-Bridget (contributor)

Matilda The Musical Is A Must See In Portland
I took my daughter Riley to see it. I was THRILLED that the Roald Dahl story was coming to Portland (we love Roald Dahl and I even met his daughter Lucy last year). The caricatures were brilliant – like the pictures Roald Dahl drew were live, right in front of us. Riley was especially enamored with the opening number “Miracle”, performed expertly by the pint-sized cast. The school setting was very “Pink Floyd The Wall” in the grays and starkness. The cast more than made up for the uncolorized set with their colorful portrayals  of the characters from the book.

Matilda The Musical Is A Must See In Portland
A standout was Agatha Trunchbull. The costume alone was reminiscent of the drawings with the skinny legs and humped back. Dan Chamerov was flawless at his portrayal. Jenna Weir, a tiny ten-year-old with the chops of a pro was sheer perfection in the lead role. It’s amazing that someone so young can be so professional and talented.


If you get a chance to see it I very highly recommend it! The show plays through March 5th so HURRY!