martha stewart's "apology"

You may have seen my post responding to Martha Stewart and her Bloomberg interview… you know, the one where she disses bloggers? She dissed Gwyneth Paltorw too, but that’s not the point…

Anyway, guess what? She responded. Well, not to me, but to bloggers in general:

Martha Stewart Tweets to Bloggers!

Martha. Oh dear….

Let’s look at this tweet…

“Big hubbub about me not supporting bloggers. Martha Stewart loves most bloggers who are great friends and trusted allies”

So bloggers – LOOK!! She DOES love you. If you are a great friend and a trusted ally.

So she loves most of you. No wait. She loves MOST of the bloggers who are great friends and trusted allies. So some of you buddy-buddy? notsomuch…

Ok, really, what I think she is trying to say is bloggers are great friends and trusted allies. No, wait. MOST are great friends and trusted allies. no……

What I get is that Martha started feeling the backlash on social media (the very social media that Stephanie Ruhle said was “in poor taste” to which Martha in essence agreed with). She responded. On a social media platform.

One thing many may not understand is that Twitter has been home to the errant tweet from celebs and non-celebs alike (Amanda Bynes anyone?), and can be in the heat of the moment, misconstrued, and shouldn’t be the place where you let your feelings be known unless you want the world to see it. And analyze it. Pick it apart. Try to read between the lines.

Martha, your tweet, as sincere as you think it might be, is dismissive to us. What we get:

“You are not important to me unless I know you personally and you are on my side”

Also, this tweet wasn’t written by you. Unless you speak in 3rd person.

I know that my readership pales in comparison to your fans and followers. But I have something you don’t – a true caring and appreciation for my readers and for other bloggers. Whether I know them or not. So I think that’s the big difference between us.

If you’d like to talk to me, an average mom with an average life and an average mortgage, I am all ears Martha.