zak! Designs

I am a longtime fan of Zak! Designs. I love that the dinnerware isn’t taken too seriously. I think that food should be FUN. Why shouldn’t your plates and cups be fun too?

My daughter Riley is such a foodie. She savors each morsel and really enjoys food – the more fun the BETTER! So we decided that Zak! Orange Sectioned Plates would be perfect for “monster eggs and bacon”!


She gets way into her food as you can see. She takes after her mommy in the BACON category too!

The Monster Eggs are simply scrambled eggs with cheese and some green food coloring. You could also do jack-o-lantern pancakes with chocolate chips for decoration or serve a spooky dessert like Halloween cupcakes. Yum!

zakThe Sectioned Dishes and 26oz Adele Mugs would be a perfect ghoulish set – pair with some black utensils and spooky napkins and you have a perfect setting for a macabre Halloween dinner!

You can find Zak! Designs products just about everywhere – Fred Meyer, Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Kmart to name a few places. You can also order online at – you will LOVE the wide selection they have for Halloween, the Holidays, and for kids! I know that my kiddos will get some pretty cool Zak! Designs cups, bowls, and plates this year for Christmas!

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