233_7e0cc766e9fe6d4592a69af0b2ebddf3So I am going to talk about bathroom habits. Those of you with kids are no stranger to teaching your little ones the proper way to pee/poop, clean up, and wash. Cottonelle is adding to the routine to make it cleaner and more comfortable for everyone in the family!

Ok, so WHEN did not using wipes become the norm? What I mean is – when the kids were babies, they would poop/pee, and get a swipe with a baby wipe before a new diaper was put on. When they started potty training, those wipes went by the wayside, even if they had messy number two’s. It’s now a basic “wipe until the toilet paper is clean”, which can lead to a chafing butt. So why WOULDN’T we use Cottonelle Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths?


Nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the 1-2 combo: wipe with toilet paper, follow with a Cottonelle Care Flushable Cleansing Cloth, swipe with toilet paper one more time. Not only great for kids to learn hygiene, it’s great for the parents too (especially when it’s that time of the month, right ladies?). Besides, nobody likes the dreaded swamp ass.

I am offering YOU, my readers a chance to try it by downloading the coupon to try Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths yourself. Your life will change!


* Thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring today’s discussion