Sure, they look all cute and sweet and innocent.

They are made that way so we don’t sell them to gypsies. 

One of the facts of living away from family is the inevitable trips to see them. When I was little it involved a day’s drive from Central California to Southern California to see Grandma. Now? Well, my family, although from Cali, have spread ourselves out a bit. I still have two sisters who live in California, but I now live in Oregon and my parents, along with 3 other siblings and their families, live in Texas. And Oregon to Texas? Not a day’s drive…

But I really want to see my family and don’t get out there often enough so I am taking the kids next week and flying to Austin. Alone. ALONE!!! Last time I flew with the kids my husband and I took them to New York City. While we had a blast there, the trip to and from was downright awful. Of course they were not-quite-two-years-old at the time and that in itself is a tough age to negotiate.

Now that they are almost three? Oh yeah, it’s gonna be EASY.. (HA!)

Actually, I am scared to death. Sure, they are overall good kids, but they have their moments, And those moments often come at inopportune times – grocery store, out to lunch, Target… So I am figuring that being 30,000 feet in the air it will be about 100 TIMES that..

But I could be wrong. Dylan and Riley could give up their Lord of the Flies ways for 5 or so hours and be perfect angels. Although they are currently chasing each other in a circle around the living room in their underwear, so I highly doubt it…

Someone reassure me right here.


Actually I am bringing some great arsenal. I have two iPads (one is hubby’s, so thanks dear!), Kidz Gear headphones (LOVES). They are great – you can read all about them here.


…and the pièce_de_résistance, my new CARES Airplane Harnesses. While, yes, they are intended for safety on flights for infants and children (20-44lbs), they also serve a dual purpose – keeping those little scamps nice and secure, much like a car seat or stroller would. Because a squirmy child is a danger to himself and to mommy’s sanity. And would annoy the heck out of other passengers. So here’s to not being crawled on while keeping my children even safer during flight. Score one for the mommy 🙂 You will be able to read a full review in a couple of weeks.

But I am also considering doing what this couple did when they flew with their twins. Just in case…

I was supplied with product to review for my trip. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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