An article about fast food workers making minimum wage was brought to my attention today. I’m going to give you a minute to read it.. The gist of the article says that employees of fast food participated in a job walk-off today because of low minimum wage.

Federal Minimum Wage stands at $7.25 per hour, with many states increasing their own minimum wage. While the state increases aren’t necessary, the Federal wage is. The employees interviewed state that $7.25 isn’t enough to pay their bills or live.

Ok, I get that. They are right – it’s NOT. But to strike and demand more than DOUBLE? hmm.. I have a problem with this. 

Raising the minimum wage to $15 is what was mentioned in the article. I am all for them striking, but when you do a half-ass job like Gage (the shift manager in the article) you don’t deserve to make more. There’s worth – as in worth to the job – and need. Sure, he needs the money, but with an attitude like that he’s not worth it. That particular person has a sense of entitlement. Gage is holding his job performance hostage. He’s giving the higher-ups a reason to replace him – he’s doing a sub-par job. If he doesn’t want to do it someone else will.

I am by no means rich. I can barely pay my bills myself. I had a computer and an idea. My website was created entirely by me with very little upstart.  I made it successful because I worked HARD at it. Don’t tell me there are no resources, you MAKE your own resources.

Not saying $7.25 is enough to live – of course it’s not enough. But remember – that’s WHY we have government assistance that they can get since they are below poverty level. There’s government assisted housing, schooling, food pantries, etc etc. I know that the food pantries here in Oregon don’t even require proof of income. If you need it, it’s there. If these workers (in the article) are too proud to take advantage of these resources then they shouldn’t be bitching.

And think about what a Federal mandated increase of more than DOUBLE would do to small businesses? That corner store that has been owned by the same guy who employs the 16 year old to bag groceries. It would go out of business. That preschool your child loves so much? Because they are forced to increase their payroll they will make cutbacks. Those of you who are for it, well prepare for an entirely “Corporate America”.  Because no privately owned company with employees will survive.

Consider the global effect.

*off my soap box*


*edited to add*

If you actually read this post you will understand why it is titled the way it is. No, I will not change it.

Want the “too long; didn’t read” synopsis? An increase of $7.75 to the current minimum wage will NEVER work. And you make your own life choices. Nobody is forcing you to be in the position you are in. Demanding an increase that large just further solidifies the sense of entitlement many Americans have. Want more? Make yourself – your skills – worth more. There are resources to do so. Don’t want to? Stop complaining and knock it off with the entitlement. Don’t like the way McDonald’s treats their employees? Stop being lazy and don’t go there. Nobody is forcing that Big Mac down your throat. Don’t make that “mom-and-pop shop” pay for a corporation’s actions. 

Oh and by the way? I am not sorry for this post.