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One of the more important thing in life – in my mind anyway – is learning how to swim. I learned when I was around 3. I remember vividly, my sister Cathy taught me how in our backyard pool in California. That summer – and every summer after – I spent most of my time in the water. Not only was it super fun, but it was also potentially life-saving.


SafeSplash knows the value of this skill and teaches all ages how to swim. Because I am no longer in California, which means I no longer have a swimming pool I wanted to make sure my children knew the basics of swimming. SafeSplash is set up in various recreational centers and gyms all over the US to provide parents with access to the lessons kids need for learning to swim.


I took both of my kids to a month of classes. What I discovered didn’t surprise me much! Dylan is basically 1/2 fish and his ambition to do “cool stuff” made him essentially fearless in the water. He was diving for rings on the first lesson, and by the 4th he was swimming across the pool (with assistance). He also mastered the art of jumping in with full force.


Riley was a bit more timid in the water. She was worried about water going up her nose and dunking her head, but by week 4 she was jumping in as well. She’s learning not to panic in the water and to trust herself and keep calm. Both kids wouldn’t have been able to do this without SafeSplash.

SafeSplash has nearly 100 locations across the US – you can find a location here!

*I was provided with a month of lessons in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.